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"My hair loss was making me look 35 when I was 25. BIOMETRIX™ gave me just the right amount of hair and now I happily look my age."

-Warren G., Dix Hills, NY


"I've tried pills and lotions to stop my hair loss and nothing worked until I came to BIOMETRIX™ I don't see hair on my pillow or in the shower like I used to. I'm very happy."

-Robert C., Bayside, NY


"I lost a lot of hair very quickly after my son was born I was worried and distressed. Thank you for getting me through this difficult time and solving my problem."

-Susan S., Merrick, NY


"I felt so good after getting more hair that I joined a gym and now I'm getting the rest of myself in shape. I highly recommend BIOMETRIX™ for anyone losing sleep over losing their hair."

-Ray V.B., Port Washington, NY


"With a busy schedule time is important to me I appreciate that BIOMETRIX™ gives me such prompt and friendly service."

-Jason M., Valley Stream, NY



"I recently had hair transplant surgery. The program BIOMETRIX™ designed for me has resulted in my hair growing faster and thicker."

-Brian M., Westbury, NY


"The BIOMETRIX™ staff is most caring and professional. They all work hard to make me look my best. I'm very satisfied."

-Lisa E., New Hyde Park,, NY


"As a professional model my appearance is of great importance to me. Not only personally but financially as well. My thinning hair was not helping me being hired by advertisers. I thank BIOMETRIX™ for getting my career back on track."

-Joseph P., Garden City, NY


"I've always had fine, thin hair. After years of being dissatisfied with wigs and hair systems BIOMETRIX™ found the right solution for me and I couldn't be happier."

-Lorraine A., Mineola, NY


"I was so self conscious of my balding that I hated ever having my picture taken. My hair loss was affecting my personality. Now that I have more hair I feel great and can just be myself again. HAIR DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!"

-Gordon R., Plainview, N

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