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Hair loss for women can be devastating. Every time you look in the mirror you wish the hair loss would stop and you could have back that gorgeous head of hair. You spend so much time trying to conceal it and all day long, it’s on your mind, hoping that no one notices.

There is no reason for you to suffer another day; with BioMetrix you do have options.

When you visit Biometrix for the first time, you will meet with one of our hair loss experts. Through a questionnaire and a one on one private consultation we will determine the cause of your hair loss. Often the cause of your hair loss can be directly correlated to a medical condition, such as a thyroid problem; if that is the case then we will refer you to a medical specialist.

If however, your problem is a direct result of genetics, side effects of a medical treatment or the result of an accident then we will explain your options and help you to take the first step towards a fuller head of hair.

Why Wait To Look And Feel Your Best


BioMetrix For Women

Interlacement Hair Infusion

If you are looking for something other than weaves or temporary hair extensions then BioMetrix can show you the latest advancement, Interlacement Hair Infusion.

Light years ahead of what others offer Interlacement Hair Infusion starts with the highest quality human hair available today, real human hair, just like your own. Then we use the latest research in nano-technology to carefully condition each strand to lock in its natural fullness, color and luster. You won't believe the difference.

To experience the Biometrix™ difference call today to set up a private consultation.
Appointments are on a first call basis.

Let BioMetrix help you choose the best option for you, and remember, you can do something today about your hair loss.

Hair Extensions

During your initial consultation, we analyze your hair and your needs, and explain the various options. Each of our products is designed to suit specific needs, desires and lifestyles, but all share the same premium quality and attention to detail. Together, we’ll select the best solution for you.

Because our hair extensions are made-to-order, we take specific measurements and a small sample of your own hair to ensure that your extensions will be a perfect match with your hair type, color, texture and wave pattern

Get ready to look and feel your best.  Wake up with a full, luscious head of gorgeous hair.  No more bad thin hair days. Now you can feel sexy and confident and no one will know.

Ever Wonder How Some Women Just Have Amazing Hair? 
Guess What?  You Can Have that TOO!

Get Volume!  Get Length!  Get BOTH!!

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